Urban meets flower child

Taking a step back in life, connecting with what matters. I have always loved natural things, natural yogurt, home brewed ginger beer and growing your own food. I would love to live on a homestead but until that time comes I have started an urban garden. Small space, big ideas…

Family Garden

the goal is grow enough food for three families. My parents, my sister and her husband and chris and myself. 

new to gardening, we have high hopes. 

in the beginning...

figuring it out as we go

Ready for Spring?

seriously starting from the beginning. learning what zone we live in, when the last frost date is to figuring out what to plant. chris doesn’t like beets, I love them. mom doesn’t like radishes but chris eats them. bush beans or pole beans, indeterminate or determinant tomatoes? who knows this stuff??


figuring it out as we go
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